Gutter Guards are Necessary for Every Home

The upkeep and maintenance involved with home ownership can be daunting. But the results from failing to do so can be dangerous and costly. Gutters are designed to control the flow of water from the roof and unfortunately debris in gutters is the primary reason for the gutter system to fail. The regular chore of climbing a ladder and scooping out the muck in gutters is a mandatory task and failing to do so can result in a long list of potential hazards

  • Foundation settling

  • Cracks in the dry wall

  • Siding damage

  • Landscape erosion

  • Wood rot

  • Pest and critter infestations

  • Fire Hazards

  • Paint Damage

  • Roof Damage

  • Water Runoff

  • Walkway ice hazards

Simplify your gutter maintenance, eliminate the threat with Standard Gutter Guard.




Simply put, rain gutters are the water management system for your home. They are necessary in order to protect your home from its worst enemy…Water. Not having gutters, or worse having clogged gutters that direct water where it does not belong can result in costly repairs. As uncontrolled rain water pours directly from the roof to the ground it causes erosion, weakens the foundation, and can lead to cracks in the drywall and wet basements or crawl spaces. Clogged gutters can also lead to: siding damage, wood rot, pest and critter infestation, paint damage, roof damage, fire hazards, icy walkways in the winter, and more…

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